What we do

Prevention, Intervention, and Reconnection

We provide professional support for youth to navigate conflict, build relationships, and reconnect with their school and community.

Through our collaborative services, youth are empowered and actively engaged in developing responses to resolve issues they encounter related to bullying, mental health, and relationships.

Presentations & Workshops

Through educational presentations and hands-on workshops, youth are able to come together to learn, build trust, and create a safe space to destress.

We offer presentations, workshops, and activities on topics such as digital citizenship, conflict management, healthy relationships, and transitioning to high school.

Personal Relationship Building

RAP’s success relies on facilitators building personal relationships with our school youth.

Facilitators become involved in all aspects of school life, including coaching and volunteering at school events. This allows students to become familiar and comfortable, reaching out when they need us.

Mediation & Conflict Management

RAP facilitators empower students by providing tools for dealing with the various types of conflict that they face.

Mediation is restorative. It encourages understanding, empathy and respect. Youth can take responsibility and determine the outcomes.

Resources & Referrals

RAP facilitators have access to a wide variety of resources that can be helpful for youth to take advantage of.

Facilitators also support students with referrals to school counsellors, Indigenous advocates, OUT Saskatoon, Community West Side Clinic, and Mental Health and Addictions to name a few.

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Together, we can empower our youth and build a safer, stronger community.

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