About Us

Our Mission

We support youth to:

  • navigate conflict
  • build relationships
  • reconnect with their community
Our Vision

We empower youth to develop responses to resolve issues related to bullying, mental health, & relationships.

Who We Are

RAP provides support to high schools; our facilitators offer a trusted, judgment-free space with a focus on one-on-one relationship building.

We help students address the root of the issue, rather than resort to a negative alternative. When future conflict arises, they can confidently use healthy skills to manage. We listen to understand, helping youth feel safe and validated.

Together, we work to resolve complex issues so that students can focus on their education and wellness.

Heard in the Halls

My facilitator really helped me see all perspectives about any issues I was having and I could really tell he was listening to what I was saying.


Working and talking with my facilitator has definitely helped me overcome problems, find my self-worth. She respects me and my choices. I’ve really enjoyed creating a relationship with her. When I came to my high school, she was the only staff member I could connect with. She’s doing an amazing job and all my friends tell me how much they like her. She’s an awesome staff member and she’s amazing at her job.


My RAP worker has helped me with resources I needed and has been there when I needed her. I think every school needs a RAP worker, just not ours.


History of RAP


Seeing the need

Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon began to address issues that were negatively impacting attendance, academic performance, and school culture. School suspensions were not effective and it was time to find a proactive approach that would benefit everyone.

A team of educators, administrators, students and community members designed a Restorative Justice Program and sought funding to have a full-time Restorative Justice Facilitator at Mount Royal. After being turned down by several funding agencies, Mount Royal Collegiate found the support they needed.


Pilot project

A three-year Restorative Justice Pilot Program was launched at Mount Royal Collegiate. The program was funded by the Rotary Club of Saskatoon, Saskatoon Public Schools and the Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund.

Initially the program’s aim was to reduce violence and bullying, while developing strategies to address issues that stood in the way of students being successful in school.

Within months, the program committee realized that addressing conflict was not enough. There needed to be strategies to prevent conflict and help disengaged students reconnect with school and their social network.


Restorative Action Program (RAP) Named

RAP facilitators empower students by providing tools for dealing with the various types of conflict that they face.

Through educational presentations and hands-on workshops, youth are able to come together to learn, build trust, and create a safe space to destress.


RAP incorporates

A Board of Directors is created and all 5 Rotary Clubs sign on to support the program. The program continues to expand into more schools.



The program underwent a rebrand to strengthen its messaging and visual identity. With the program now operating in 11 high schools, the RAP brand is set up for future success as it continues to grow into even more communities.