Conflict Management Training Workshops

Conflict is present everywhere

An inability to manage and resolve conflict damages interpersonal relationships and can decrease productivity in the workplace. The ability to resolve conflict is one the most important skills that anyone can possess.

When surveyed, a majority of Canadians identified that disputes and conflict are one
of the top issues facing them today. Left unresolved, this will affect relationships, job satisfaction, morale and ultimately, productivity. Through our training, participants learn proven, practical skills to effectively deal with difficult, real-life situations.

Conflict Management Workshops

We offer Accredited Conflict Management Training (CMT) to businesses and the general public. Our CMT workshop provides participants with proven conflict management strategies. These strategies can help prevent conflict from escalating, ensure effective resolution of issues at the time they arise, and provide a foundation to repair important relationships.

We believe that everyone can benefit from learning practical strategies to manage conflict with their children, family members, friends, or coworkers without spending 80 plus hours to do so.

Executive Director, Winston Blake, has delivered Relationship Management Training workshop to educators, business professionals, and community members. The workshops have been extremely well received and through word of mouth. This service to the community is providing RAP with an additional source of revenue, which supports and sustains the expansion of RAP in Saskatoon high schools.

Business Professionals, Educators, Public and Private Sector Groups Learn To:

  • Enhance communication skills;
  • Prevent and de-escalate conflict situations;
  • Work effectively with others;
  • Maximize employee potential; and
  • Improve employee, customer and client satisfaction.

Our Executive Director, Winston G. Blake BA, MA, C.Med., delivers this dynamic, thought provoking and powerful 4 hour workshop that you won’t want to miss.

The cost is $150 per person (large group discounts apply) and participants receive 3.5 training hours through Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Saskatchewan (CHHR).

CONTACT: or call 639-998-7575

Winston G. Blake BA, MA, C.Med.

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Proceeds of training support the Restorative Action Program (RAP).

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